from one generation to the next

Coming March 2019:

Hearts at
Home 2.0

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Conference Mission

GATHER with a community of moms.

GROW from transformational teaching.

GO share with the ones you love.


Conference Vision

Transform hearts.

Transform minds.

Transform families.

Transform culture.


Our Values


Trust-Based Relationships

building trust, establishing security

engaged family

husbands and wives, married and single, followers and seekers fighting for their family

transformational teaching

cultivate hearts, upgrade thinking

active learning

choosing to learn for the sake of growth

willing leadership

choosing to lead for the sake of the future

Celebrated identity

to know and be known

hope-filled encouragement

parenting is a process, not an outcome

intentional legacy

kingdom building, from one generation to the next

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Our Founders

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Dr. Kathy Koch


Suzanne Phillips


Lane Phillips


Hearts is Beating Again!


Ready to join us at our 2019 Conference?

We’re ready for you to join us!

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